[The Australian] Deloitte’s Renjen gives support for same-sex marriage stand


Deloitte’s global chief, Punit Renjen, yesterday strongly backed local boss Cindy Hook’s decision to support same-sex marriage, saying “it was the right decision and the right business decision”.

Regarding the election of Donald Trump as US President, Mr Renjen said Mr Trump was “both a challenge and an opportunity and we’re hopeful he will be able to put his good ideas like tax reform into action”.

Mr Trump’s election and Britain’s Brexit were “a reaction to income inequality and that is something we have to address”, he said. This was particularly so in countries like India, where a lot more work was needed.

Globalisation is good but the issue the world must confront is technological change, which means we must reskill individuals,” he said. “Digitisation is both an opportunity and threat and as a firm we much ensure we are at the forefront so we can then advise our clients.”

Deloitte has done this in recent years with a series of collaborations with the likes of Apple, Amazon, SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, which he said “help us to rethink the way we operate”.



Accessed from http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/companies/deloittes-strong-support-for-samesex-marriage-stand/news-story/4941639b640fad00889f16e67de950f9 on Mar/28/2017

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