[Deloitt US} Human Capital +@ : Digitalization

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My very first official consulting project was about ‘E-Learning Platform’. At first, I had seriously no idea what that (E-learning platform) means exactly. Just letting you know that I was a  BUSINESS student who is much familiar with BCG chart, SWOT analysis etc.  I still vividly remember that night I had a final interview with the project team – I couldn’t wait to work with such talented, smart and inspiring people ,at the same time, I was daunted from the fact that I had to start this project in only 3 months with any single knowledge regarding digital -related things.  Since then, I had passionately dive into the new world by researching  every 5 hours a day (2hours early in the morning  with two shots of espresso + 3 hours at the 24 Hrs Study Lab on the campus). The key words which I typed in the search bar were….

  • E-Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Digital Learning
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Education
  • IT Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • ERP
  • Learning Management System
  • MOOC
  • …..etc


Of course, the whole researching process was like swimming in the middle of Pacific Ocean. I felt lost and tried to be balanced to actually get what the project aim to head. However, the knowledge I gained from the previous project now gives me a chance to interpret this video clip in a little bit different angle.

E-learning is not only for (international) students, but it could also be applied to the Corporate level education – so called Learning and Development.

See? Plus alpha factor is coming from “Value-added point” where your employees continuously learn and improve themselves through an internal learning system. Digitization!

Check the video clip below and you will see what I mean.


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